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You Can Drink Chamomile Tea

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You Know Dandelion

Are you on Team Dandelion?  Don't be like your jerk face weed spraying neighbor who ignorantly hates this incredible herbal ally - Dandelion is here to serve in so many helpful ways.  It's a herbal healing hero.  Now it's time 4 you to love up all these dandy gifts and tell everyone how cool Dandelion is because Now You Know Dandelion!  (and if you don't, you're soon gonna!)

Feel Better & Be Well @herbalmarie

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Team Dandelion!!

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You Can Learn Nerdy Words

Glad you enjoyed getting nerdy with me!!

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Nerdy Words Part 001

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:) yep.  I'm like that.

Love you Herb Nerds!!!

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You Know Oregano

You Know Oregano!
And if you don't - you're gonna!

This is a great herb for practically EVERYTHING and there ain't much my boy Ray Gano can't do ~ he's seriously amazing so be prepared to fall pretty hard for this strong like bull herbal ally - OREGANO!

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Thank You for loving Oregano!!

instaHerb ShoutOuts

The awesome herbalists, herbal lovers, herb nerds & green witches I follow on Instagram inspire me to no end. Thank you so much!! 
Instaherb Shoutouts are a FUN way to Express my gratitude to the lovelies promoting, pimping & sharing the plants.  We all appreciate and enjoy seeing them on Instagram.  
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instaHerb ShoutOut #1
~ Herbal Medicine shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery @wild_bruja_apothecary
~ Urban foraging for edible flowers to decorate a cake
~ Infusing dried wild roses in natural Witch Hazel extract
~ Reasons to smudge with herbs @herbsweedsandwanderings
~ Rainbow garden flower crown @everblossom
~ Red Clover blossoms @foxmoo

You Can Heal Constipation

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No Butts about it ~ You Can Heal Constipation naturally with herbs, oils, WATER and food. Truly, I want you to have a good B.M. :) I want you to poooop!! Get balanced, poop, feel better & be well @herbalmarie
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You Know Motherwort

You Know Motherwort!
And if you don't - you're gonna!

This is a great go-to remedy for anxiety & feelings of being overwhelmed amongst other amazing herbal uses!

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Love this herb!

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