Meet The Podcast Host

Welcome to Herbal Marie - a podcast about herbs and home remedies to heal yourself. All advice shall be considered suggestions. Please research all herbs before using and Discover ways to Feel Better and Be Well with your herbalist host Sadie Marie Cherico!!

About Sadie Marie Cherico
Sadie Marie Cherico is the Herbalist & Podcast Host of Herbal Marie and Herb Oracle: two podcasts exploring self-healing, self-love and self-expansion featuring herbs, herbal remedies, and insightful messages from tarot and oracle cards. Sadie is a mom of 3 beautiful souls that she is blessed to spend her days with and whom she adores completely!  Along with being completely infatuated with her children, Sadie is also utterly in love with the botanical kingdom and connecting with our plant friends.  Sadie enjoys being outside in the garden, biking with her kids, dancing 2 high vibe music, growing herbs, eating clean, promoting ways to heal yourself and or course, sharing her herbal learning journey wit…