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You Know Calendula

You know Calendula!  And if you don't ~ you're gonna!  She's a pot of sunshine and Mary's Gold can heal any mess on your skin!  This herbal ally can heal you from the inside out and the inside in. Become a patron of Herbal Marie today to keep the podcast blooming:

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You Know Cinnamon

You know Cinnamon!  And if you don't ~ you're gonna!  This amazing Kings of Wands will warm your ass up, spice your foods and offer you a healing tea full of remedies 4 your entire body.  He's got big big guns.  Cinnamon is pretty easy 2 LOVE!
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You Know Catnip

You Know Catnip! And if you don't ~ you're gonna!
Move over kitty cat - it's time to share this amazing herbal allies with your human friends too as there are SO MANY ways to use this herb inside and out.  Prepare to be impressed by Catmint!  Listen to the You Know Catnip Podcast - click here
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You Can Heal Headaches

You don't have to put up with this pain after you become aware of your headache triggers and now know ALL these herbal remedies you have easy access to.  Plus food hacks.  Plus aromatherapy, acupressure & reflexology.  Yeah, rub those piggies.  Dang!  These headaches can hit the damn road!   Feel Better and BE WELL  xoxo become the herb

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You Can Drink Chamomile Tea

Herbal Poetry to infuse your cup with goodness!   It's time 4 tea with Herbal Marie  and today we are sipping on Chamomile.

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Time 4 Tea Poetry With Herbal Marie
Put the water on & Grab your herb Let’s infuse your cup with goodness!
It’s time 4 Tea A cup for you & me Today we’re sipping on Chamomile
With delicate apple scented flowers This is one that you DON’T want to steep for hours.
Whether you’re using loose dried herb Or a tea bag to stew it Just a few minutes of covered steeping will do it.

The volatile oils in Chamomile Have such incredible herbal appeal They evaporate quickly and act just as fast Remedying your bellyaches or cramps that seem to last

Chamomile’s the perfect antidote 4 a stressful day Or when the voice in your head has had too much to say.

You Know Dandelion

Are you on Team Dandelion?  Don't be like your jerk face weed spraying neighbor who ignorantly hates this incredible herbal ally - Dandelion is here to serve in so many helpful ways.  It's a herbal healing hero.  Now it's time 4 you to love up all these dandy gifts and tell everyone how cool Dandelion is because Now You Know Dandelion!  (and if you don't, you're soon gonna!)

Feel Better & Be Well @herbalmarie

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