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You Know Oregano

You Know Oregano!
And if you don't - you're gonna!

This is a great herb for practically EVERYTHING and there ain't much my boy Ray Gano can't do ~ he's seriously amazing so be prepared to fall pretty hard for this strong like bull herbal ally - OREGANO!

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Thank You for loving Oregano!!

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instaHerb ShoutOuts

The awesome herbalists, herbal lovers, herb nerds & green witches I follow on Instagram inspire me to no end. Thank you so much!! 
Instaherb Shoutouts are a FUN way to Express my gratitude to the lovelies promoting, pimping & sharing the plants.  We all appreciate and enjoy seeing them on Instagram.  
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instaHerb ShoutOut #1
~ Herbal Medicine shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery @wild_bruja_apothecary
~ Urban foraging for edible flowers to decorate a cake
~ Infusing dried wild roses in natural Witch Hazel extract
~ Reasons to smudge with herbs @herbsweedsandwanderings

You Can Heal Constipation

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No Butts about it ~ You Can Heal Constipation naturally with herbs, oils, WATER and food. Truly, I want you to have a good B.M. :) I want you to poooop!! Get balanced, poop, feel better & be well @herbalmarie
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You Know Motherwort

You Know Motherwort!
And if you don't - you're gonna!

This is a great go-to remedy for anxiety & feelings of being overwhelmed amongst other amazing herbal uses. I REALLY LOVE this herb!

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You Can Heal Anxiety

Oh my!  Ain't nothing worse than anxiety and being overwhelmed ~
DANG!!!!  I really dove in head first into anxiety land for this podcast but that seemed to be the only way to retrieve all the best herbal suggestions for you!

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You Can Heal Anxiety

Hope you enjoy hanging out with me while I throw herbs at you!  AND you are inspired to look into plant medicine to help you FEEL BETTER and BE WELL.

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You Can Heal Canker Sores and Mouth Ulcers

You have so many options and ways to heal your mouth. Dozens of herbs and remedies will work to heal mouth ulcers and canker sores. Old fashion ideas, oils, tinctures, tea  and practical advice along with herbs and food.  Feel Better and Be Well

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I was super hyped for this podcast as it was my first Ailment podcast ~ all the previous ones I lovingly file in my head as On The Porch Sleepy Drunk with My Morning Throat podcasts (which I DO LOVE)

So having actually PREPARED for this one was FUN for my inner herb nerd who adores gathering information - and sharing it!!

Notes and Everything ❤❤❤

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