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You Can Drink Chamomile Tea

Herbal Poetry to infuse your cup with goodness!  
It's time 4 tea with Herbal Marie 
and today we are sipping on Chamomile.

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Time 4 Tea Poetry
With Herbal Marie

Put the water on & Grab your herb
Let’s infuse your cup with goodness!

It’s time 4 Tea
A cup for you & me
Today we’re sipping on Chamomile

With delicate apple scented flowers
This is one that you DON’T want to steep for hours.

Whether you’re using loose dried herb
Or a tea bag to stew it
Just a few minutes of covered steeping will do it.

The volatile oils in Chamomile
Have such incredible herbal appeal
They evaporate quickly and act just as fast
Remedying your bellyaches or cramps that seem to last

Chamomile’s the perfect antidote 4 a stressful day
Or when the voice in your head has had too much to say.

Sip on a cup of Chamomile tea
To gently wash away anxiety
Dispelling cramps & stress & flatulence too
This herbal tea is just for you.

The perfectly made teacup of Chamomile
Is a blessing to be had after a big meal
Helping you digest and relax along the way –
It definitely keeps nausea and vomiting at bay.

Soothing all your muscles so your body can heal
This mildly tranquilizing herb is a big deal
Especially if your gut’s in a knot
Because your IBS flare up is worse than you thought.

Chamomile tea will help the body regulate
Loose stools or the ones that constipate
While also emotionally settling you down
So you don’t get triggered by aggravation town.

So have a seat
and hold a cup of tea
Taking a deep breath
Allow the healing induced by tranquility
To infuse your water body
to the highest degree.

Chamomile heals infections and inflammations
Calming down all sorts of angry irritations
From your mouth ulcers to your bladder,
Even pink eye – it doesn’t matter –
Chamomile helps fight them All.

Soothing your aches & pains & muscles
Chamomile is a tea that slows down your troubles

Whether they be internal or externally
Think of Chamomile 4 your next cup of tea.

Allow it to cool you & calm you
And settle you down

As for a natural sleep aid
It’s one of the best around

If you’re looking for relaxation you can feel
Look no further than this grocery store hero Chamomile

Without getting groggy, without getting drugged
This herbal ally feels like a sweet hug
That helps you relax,
That keeps you breathing easy
This herb gives you gentle healing
Unwinding you completely.

Now it’s Time 4 Tea
Herbal Cheers to Chamomile delightfully
Helping You Feel Better & Be Well