Shout Outs

The awesome herbalists, herbal lovers, herb nerds & green witches I follow on Instagram inspire me to no end. Thank you so much!! 

Instaherb Shoutouts are a FUN way to Express my gratitude to the lovelies promoting, pimping & sharing the plants.  We all appreciate and enjoy seeing them on Instagram.  

Click the instaherb shoutout # title to be take to the podcast & click the @usernames to be taken to the featured posts.

instaHerb ShoutOut #1 

~ Herbal Medicine shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery @wild_bruja_apothecary

~ Urban foraging for edible flowers to decorate a cake

~ Infusing dried wild roses in natural Witch Hazel extract

~ Reasons to smudge with herbs @herbsweedsandwanderings 

~ Rainbow garden flower crown @everblossom    

~ Red Clover blossoms @foxmoonstars  

~ Witch hazel in bloom @earthmuseherbals

~ Mold & mildew cleaner @kisstheeartheco

instaHerb ShoutOut #2

~ Every cell in your body listens to your thoughts @rootandkettle   

~ Mullein & Garlic ear oil @bigheartsapothecary   

~ Fire Element herbal tea @mudrootsandmoonlight  

~ Herbal coffee recipe @withlovefromcolorado  

~ Tulsi, Hibiscus & Vanilla cordial @sweetgrass_herbals

~ Mermaid latte mix @mahalialexie  

~ Sweet Annie salve @luciebradleyherbalist 

~ Oil cleansing method with herbal infused oil @mstoodlesgalore 

instaHerb ShoutOut #3  

~ 100 day Schisandra Berry challenge @maitemedicine

~ Sage & Sea salt gargle @mrsproductivehippie

~ Oregano microgreens

~ Harvest plan with a herb inventory @energyandherbs

~ Castor oil 4 eyelash & eyebrow growth @oliviablooms_

~ Make jello with herbal tea @wisewoodapothecary

~ Calendula macerated oil recipe @whispering.essentials

~ Crushed fresh garlic 4 the immune system @nerdynaturopath 

instaHerb ShoutOut #4 

~ Yarrow & Comfrey venous salve & body oil @bucoliquect

~ Fresh Milk Oat @alysonvictoriawernley

~ Self-care herbal infusion @moonsapothecary

~ Mullein tea @jen.goes.outside

~ Raspberry leaf monograph @annesbackyardherbal

~ Pine needle tea @healingharvesthomestead

~ Wildcrafted herbal raw green drink @sustainablelivingguide

~ Follow your intuition & trust the herbs @cottonwoodholistic

instaHerb ShoutOut #5

~ What's in your cup?  @nothernskybotanicals

~ Free plants with water propagation @welliesandwaffles

~ Being called by Basil @spirit_earth_reiki

~ Plants connect us to our heart centers @primawellness

~ Returning plant magic and wisdom @luminousyouth

~ Moon time tea blend @paulinapassionflower

~ Horsetail to remove heavy metals @travelinghealthcoach

~ Make a Cleavers Spring Tonic @herbspyrenees